Futurists Don and Alex Tapscott have a mutual love for technological changes that are positively impacting the world. The father/son duo, authors of the recently released book, Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World, have now spearheaded the formation of  The Muskoka Group. This forum, founded on August 24, 2016, at a meeting held at the Tapscott family compound in Muskoka, Canada, was formed via a collective of 16 blockchain practitioners, advocates, theorists and policy experts.

The Muskoka Group members during the inaugural meeting.

The Muskoka Group members during the inaugural meeting.

The Muskoka Group mission is to promote collaboration, education, and innovation in a broader effort to fuel blockchains’ full potential  for industry, government, and technology. To foster progress, Muskoka plans to work in collaboration with the Chamber of Digital Commerce, New America, the National Democratic Institute, and other key stakeholders committed to its advancement.

“Technology is not a panacea. Without strong leadership from everyone in this industry – working collaboratively – blockchain may never reach its potential,” said Tapscott Group Publicist Jenna Pilgrim. “The technology genie is at our disposal, once again, to reshape the world of business and the old order of human affairs for the better- if we will it. Time is of the essence and we hope our efforts will get people thinking critically about why governance and stewardship matters.”

During the group’s inaugural meeting, the following proposed actions were conceived:

  • Fueling Blockchain Adoption: To achieve greater acceleration in the adoption of Blockchain technology, the group believes that efforts towards global education and clarifying misconceptions about it are needed. The Muskoka Group will collaborate with the Blockchain Trust Accelerator – an organization created and sponsored by New America, The National Democratic Institute, and the Bitfury Group in support of these aims.
  • Establishing a Hub:  Don and Alex Tapscott will explore funding opportunities to support of a GSN “Blockchain Hub.” This forum will be charged with inventorying, categorizing, and analyzing the current blockchain environment — organizations, networks, and individuals — for the purpose of facilitating a global governance and self -organization model.
  • Fostering Best Practices and Talent Development: Efforts will be made to make better utilization of The Linux Foundation, specifically the Hyperledger project, as a catalyst for software development projects and best case practices. Additionally, steps will be taken to address the shortage of advanced programming talent in the blockchain space through online and ground learning opportunities throughout the world.
  • Charting a Future Vision: The Muskoka group will lead the charge in developing a Blockchain roadmap and action plan for future government leaders. This will involve a collaborative effort with key stakeholders to form a comprehensive Blockchain strategy for government leaders at the municipal, state, federal and supranational level.
  • Grow Supportive Partnerships: The Muskoka Group has vowed active support of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the leading blockchain trade association and multi-stakeholder network. The Chamber is currently spearheading a number of key industry initiatives in collaboration with the Blockchain Alliance, a forum between that bridges  gaps between industry and law enforcement; the Smart Contracts Alliance, which supports real world applications for smart contracts; and the Global Blockchain Forum, a global initiative promoting best practices in support of regulatory interoperability and other causes.
  • Deep Research: Meeting attendees cited the need for vertical research into how industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and government can better capitalize on blockchain innovations. The consensus?  That while the book Blockchain Revolution was a great start, and launch pad for ideation, there is much more research needed to further define the blockchain space.

Muskoka Group participants include Brian Behlendorf, Founder, The Hyperledger Project; Perianne Boring, Founder and President, The Chamber of Digital Commerce; Michael Dillhyon, CEO, YouBase Inc.; Ana Lopes, Corporate and Web NGO Director; Joseph Lubin, Founder, Consensus Systems; Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder and Chairman, Bloq; Jamie Smith, Chief Global Communications Officer, The Bitfury Group; Matthew Spoke, CEO, Nuco; Christa Steele, CEO, Boardroom Consulting; Don Tapscott, CEO, The Tapscott Group; Alex Tapscott, CEO, Northwest Passage Ventures; Tomicah Tilleman, Senior Partner, Founder of Bretton Woods II, New America Foundation; Joseph Weinberg, CEO, Paycase; Pindar Wong, Chairman, VeriFi; Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, the Linux Foundation.