Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz

In groundbreaking news for the music industry, singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz, announced her official, early beta launch of TatianaCoin at the February 2017 Blockchain Event in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Issued in 2014 as the first-ever cryptocurrency for artists, TatianaCoin endeavors to bring musicians and fans closer together through this new application of blockchain technology.

Supported by the media ownership platform, Tokenly, TatianaCoin owners will soon be able to stream music while supporting and engaging with Moroz and her community. Owners will also have the ability to lend, collect, sell, or trade tokens in addition to having access to VIP experiences on Moroz’s upcoming world tour.

On a broader level, Tatiana Coin and Tokenly aim to address the massive problems of income potential, media distribution, and fan relations within the current music industry. In today’s landscape, artists earn measly returns per stream while struggling to sustain fan relationships.

According to Moroz,  her coin is the first instance of what could be called an ArtistCoin, a digital currency concept that removes the middleman, creating more efficient contracts, payments, and communications. ArtistCoins, she says, will enable songwriters, record labels, and publishers to seamlessly register their work, view tamper-proof payment contracts, and distribute songs with all of the splits built in. This, she notes, will streamline the licensing process and ensure all the parties are fairly compensated.

“The overall goal is to digress from the financial and social pitfalls prevalent in today’s music industry by giving the power and the rewards back to the artist and fans,” says Moroz.

Through this innovative cryptocurrency, Moroz endeavors to assist artists in their ability to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. She sees a day where artists and fans will have ownership in a transparent system, allowing better choices for how to sell and stream music, merchandise, and VIP experiences.

Since Tatiana Coin was first created, she has been working with Adam B Levine (CEO) of Tokenly on a solution to artist coin problems. “Neither of us knew what path this would take us, but as a result of some of the challenges we had in administering the utility of the coin, he created Tokenly.com and Token.fm. We see this as a tool for artists by artists.”

Moroz’s greatest hope for Tatiana Coin moving forward?

“Honestly, I am really focused at the moment on having my own successful campaign right now.  I want this idea to catch on, so getting $15,000 is really important.”   

Concludes Moroz:

“TatianaCoin is not about this one campaign.  It’s about getting back up, trying again, and pushing forward.  As artists, all we want is to play music. We want to set the terms in terms of our pay for, without stressing about too much administrative overhead. We want to hang out with our fans, showing them what it’s like in the studio or on tour, what it’s like to write a song, who inspired what line, and basically share our lives and build relationships with them. Artist coins will allow us to do this and more.”